Work Experience

22nd July 2019

Work Experience

22nd July 2019

Last week, we had the pleasure of providing a work experience placement for two students from West Exe school, Finley and Asri. Both students thoroughly enjoyed their time here at Cartridges and both have written blogs about their experiences.

Asri Pasha

Hi guys! My name is Asri Pasha and today I will be speaking about an interesting topic; my work experience at Cartridges Law.

To be completely honest I was dreading work experience because I have seen older people do it and complain about it being tedious and a ‘waste of time’, so from these comments I wasn’t looking forward to it too much.

However, when I came here it was such a nice atmosphere and the people here were lovely. They were welcoming and they always had a smile on their face. Everyone was greeting us with smiles and tours of the building. When you think about law you think about murder and televised cases. However, there is a part of law that not many people talk about and accredit and that is civil law, (part of) what they do here.

I didn’t know much about it but there are so many different departments that do so many different things and I was looking forward to learning about all of these. I have been around every department and all the teams here are hardworking and caring about their cases. I was expecting to make the lawyers cups of coffee and tea-this wasn’t the case, it was very much hands on. I got to meet with some of their current clients and got to look at (anonymised) current and previous cases and I even got to go to court (to shadow) which made me feel joyous because they weren’t viewing me as a child who was coming here to do work experience, but as one of their own team.

In this week I have learned numerous things ranging from personal injury to conveyancing. Also from business to family to housing. I found it hard to believe that teams of 4-5 people were handling so many cases and helping so many people that had such unique cases.

Overall, this week has been an eye opener as of how hard people in civil law work and how hard this little team works and that they come together as a team and help each other. In my time here, I have learned many types of law.

Finley Allnatt

Of course, I knew about work experience. My sister did it. I’d seen all of the older year groups do it. It seemed like a week of sitting around and pretending to enjoy yourself. I was wrong. Very wrong.

At first, I applied to places that I thought would definitely accept me: shops, libraries, etc. However, it seemed that I was a bit too late. My email filled up with “sorry, we’re full” and “We just don’t have enough placements”.

And then I came across Cartridges Law. I’d always been interested in the legal system so I thought it would be quite easy to act like I’m having a good time while watching strangers type up some random documents. Again, I was very wrong.

On my first day I was given a tour of the office and, after getting over the shock of how big it was despite its small appearance from the street, I was given my timetable. That was when I realised that, this week, I would actually going to be doing work.

The first department that I went to was the one concerning public children. I was able to read through different (anonymised) cases, try and solve problems within them and understand what it’s like to be a solicitor. It was chaotic and I loved it.

This fantastic experience was echoed in all of the other departments, from personal injury to conveyancing to business and many more.

What really surprised me was how different all of the departments are. The contrast between the chaos of the family department and the set-out steps of the private client work was astounding. The difference in the work between the personal injury and conveyancing departments was shocking. However, it was this that made sure each day felt like I was in a brand-new office. This allowed me to learn so many things about the legal system and the work done by all of the different types of lawyers.

Finally, I would just like to give my thanks to everyone at Cartridges Law for taking the time to make sure that I had an enjoyable week. The kindness and generosity of everyone working there was incredible. They treated me like a fellow colleague instead of just a student so I would once again like to thank them for making this week absolutely fantastic.


Thank you for all your hard work boys. We wish you all the best for the future.

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