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Commercial Properties and Covid-19

Back in May we published an article on how Covid-19 is impacting commercial properties. A great deal has happened since then. In light of a possible second wave, commercial tenants face difficult questions once again. They also face the possibility of not being able...

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The Investor’s Checklist

Check your eligibility to invest For certain investments, you will need to establish if you are a High Net Worth Individual, a Sophisticated Investor or a Restricted Investor. It is important you establish your status early on as you will need to identify appropriate...

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Our Due Diligence Checklist

If you are thinking about buying or selling a business, you may have heard lawyers or advisors talk about “Due diligence”. But, what is it? Due Diligence is akin to the survey process when purchasing a property. It should reassure the buyer of what they are buying,...

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