What is family mediation?

Family mediation allows you (with your ex-partner in a meeting together or separately) to talk openly with a trained, independent third party who can listen and facilitate dialogue between you and help you make your own decisions.

Divorce mediation may be suitable for you if you and your ex-partner haven’t yet come to an agreement about the division of your assets or the arrangements for the care of your children but you remain sufficiently amicable to wish to resolve this between you, or at least without incurring unnecessary legal costs.

The mediation process is usually considered as ‘without prejudice’, meaning that what one or other of you says cannot be used in any future court proceedings.

Where an agreement is reached in divorce mediation in relation to financial arrangements, we would advise this is confirmed by way of a Consent Order approved by the court.

At Cartridges Law, we signpost to an external family mediation service.

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