Are you facing homelessness? Have you been found intentionally homeless? Do you feel a decision by the council is incorrect?

We can help you make a homeless application to the council and can take steps to challenge a decision you feel may be incorrect.

We deliver a housing and homelessness service which supports clients across the south west of England. We are proud to be one of only two organisations in the South West to hold a legal aid housing contract.

We will start by meeting you and discussing your case. This service is delivered face to face and you will always know who is handling your case, from start to finish.

We also attend meetings with the council or housing association and negotiate with local authorities, as well as attending court.

If your case manager is unavailable, another member of the team will make every effort to speak to you on the day.

I felt I was treated fairly and appropriately at all times. A lot of time and effort was also put into the case with a very excellent and fair outcome.

The team