Taking a Matter to Court

Going to court for a civil case can be a daunting prospect. Our experienced civil litigation lawyers have a strong track record of securing positive outcomes for our clients in a range of matters.

What is civil litigation?

Litigation is the resolving of disputes between parties through the courts. Civil litigation cases do not involve any criminal charges. Litigation can arise out of debts or disputes about anything from boundaries to wills, or breaches of a contract or trust.

Do I need a lawyer to take a matter to court?

You are allowed to represent yourself at court, whether you are bringing the case or defending against a claim. People who represent themselves are known as litigants in person. However, cases involving unrepresented litigants often take longer and this can lead to an increase in the costs. Most people will also lack the knowledge and experience to make their case as effectively as possible. We would strongly recommend seeking advice from a specialist civil litigation lawyer before going to court.

What will my litigation lawyer do?

Your civil litigation lawyer will advise you about your position in relation to the dispute and possible courses of action. They will discuss with you the likely costs and the options for funding your case, and advise which funding method best suits your financial position. If necessary, your lawyer will issue court proceedings and compile evidence for your case. They may represent you in court, or advise you if a barrister is required.

Are there any alternatives to going to court?

Civil litigation is not the only way to resolve a dispute and may not be the most cost effective option. There are a range of alternative dispute resolution methods, including mediation and arbitration. Your lawyer will discuss these with you.

Contact us to discuss your claim with a civil litigation lawyer from our disputes and claims team.

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