Advice for Landlords and Tenants

Are you considering renting out your property? Do you have all the relevant documentation required by law? Or are you a tenant about to sign a tenancy agreement on a new home?

We act for both landlords and tenants, ensuring all the required documents and a valid tenancy agreement are in place. We can advise on all types of tenure (tenant/leaseholder/lodger/licensor) and also advise on dealing with deposits. This includes advice to landlords about deposit protection and tenants on whether their tenancy has been properly protected, and what to do if it hasn’t. We also advise landlords and tenants about ending a tenancy and the correct procedures to follow. Landlords must follow strict laws regarding this, otherwise their actions could be deemed illegal.

We deliver a housing service which supports clients across the south west of England. We work both for private landlords and for tenants renting in the private sector or from councils and housing associations.

We will start by meeting you and discussing your circumstances. This service is delivered face to face and you will always know who is handling your case, from start to finish.

If your case manager is unavailable, another member of the team will make every effort to speak to you on the day.

Legal Aid is available for some housing matters on a means tested basis.

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Setting up a Tenancy

Landlord Responsibilities

Ending a Tenancy

Dealing with Deposits

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