Is you marriage a legal sham?

What do you think of when you picture a marriage? A ceremony, a party; living together and maybe having children or buying a house? Would it shock you if, 20 years down the line, it turned out your marriage was, legally, nothing of the sort? This nasty surprise is...

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Chris Tagg On The Potency (Or Otherwise) of Cyclists

Like lots of people, I drive a car, ride a bike and I walk to places. So, I’m a motorist, a cyclist and a pedestrian. What I’ve always found hard to understand is that those three groups, which must overlap almost completely, appear, at least in print and on the web...

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Welcome for long-awaited divorce law reforms

Allowing couples to reflect on their decision, will change the way divorce works It has been interesting to watch the television coverage and read news stories about the government’s divorce law reforms, which remove the blame from the divorce process allowing...

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