Exeter solicitors warn influencers – ‘with great selling power comes great responsibility’

28th May 2019

From Rachel’s haircut to Beckham’s briefs – celebrities have influenced many of us. We’d expect them to as this is…

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Intellectual Property: Pitfalls and processes you need to know

23rd May 2019

It’s a popular subject for visitors to our Business Hub sessions – “I have a great idea and I want…

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Legally Speaking with Radio Exe 10/05/2019

15th May 2019

Thank you for your question Thank you for your question Sarah

Chris Tagg On The Potency (Or Otherwise) of Cyclists

15th May 2019

Like lots of people, I drive a car, ride a bike and I walk to places. So, I’m a motorist,…

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Reframe the debate and make change happen – Exeter Pride 2019

8th May 2019

Today more than ever, there’s great need for communities to come together and celebrate the things that unite us rather…

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Legally Meeting – Free legal drop-ins in your community

25th April 2019

In support of the Law Society’s national campaign to ensure everyone has access to legal help when they need it,…

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