Financing Your Business

Whether you are looking to fund a new project or expand existing operations, there are multiple ways of raising finance depending entirely on your business. A business finance lawyer from our specialist business team can advise you on your options.

You could look at debt financing such as taking on loans in which case your eligibility will be largely based on the risk you pose to any lender. They may for example require personal guarantee, where a corporate entity seeks to lend.

Alternatively, you could look at selling shares of your company to raise capital investment. This will mean that an investor will look into the finances of the business and look at your business plan for the future.

Each method will be subject to its own regulation. For example, there are rules regarding credit for consumers (and sometimes sole traders and partnerships may fall into this category). There are also strict rules on advertising shares in private companies.

Knowing the regulatory boundaries will protect you in financing your business going forward. We work closely with all our clients to build a deep understanding of the business, sector, suppliers and customers and future plans. We hope to be a helpful partner for businesses at every stage of life.

We will meet with you at your convenience to discuss your business plans going forward. You will walk away with a clear report on your options, highlighting any risks that may arise.

A named business finance lawyer will handle your account, and a member of the business team will always be available to speak to on a day to day basis.

 I must say personally that I find your approach to offering advice on business law very fresh and uncomplicated and look forward to working together more frequently in the future.

The team
Victoria Matthews
Victoria Matthews

Chartered Legal Executive and Head of Business