Dispute Resolution for Your Business

A business dispute can be a big distraction and can cause knock on consequences beyond your control, such as a supplier failing to deliver materials meaning you are unable to fulfil your obligations to your customers. Getting professional help with commercial dispute resolution can make all the difference for your business. Our business dispute solicitors can advise you about your position and the different routes to resolution, including commercial litigation and business mediation.

How to resolve a business dispute

Business dispute resolution may be in the form of commercial litigation – meaning formal legal action – but often it can be through negotiations and methods such as business mediation. Getting early professional advice can help to resolve commercial disputes sooner and avoid lengthy and often costly litigation. 

Our business dispute solicitors will work with your business to resolve the issue. We can offer reviews of paperwork to provide advice on the best ways forward and can become involved in the negotiations should our assistance be required.

Most disputes can be rectified at an early stage if parties are willing to invest the time to reach an agreement – this is not always the case but gaining knowledge early is often the key in commercial dispute resolution.

We’re here to help

We work closely with all our clients to build a deep understanding of the business and its sector, suppliers, customers and future plans. We aim to be a helpful partner for businesses at every stage of life.

We can provide advice in a number of ways to best suit you and your business, including:

  • one-off questions or queries
  • tailored assistance with specific matters

A named business disputes lawyer will handle your matter and a member of the team will always be available to speak to on a day to day basis.

Contact us for a quote or to book an appointment.

Thank you very much for the very good written and verbal advice that you gave when I was preparing to represent myself at a tribunal in relation to a long-standing legal issue.

It really made a difference to shaping the outcome and the issue has now been resolved to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.

The Team
Victoria Matthews
Victoria Matthews

Chartered Legal Executive and Head of Business

Lisa Noyce
Lisa Noyce

Legal Assistant

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