Contracts in Your Business

Even the smallest businesses will need to deal with contracts on a day to day basis. Our contract solicitors specialise in working with SMEs and can advise on small business contracts for every situation. We can provide legal advice on contracts before you enter into new agreements, and review existing contracts to ensure they are up to date.

What is a contract?

A contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more persons or entities to grant certain rights and obligations. You will need contracts if you:

  • are a supplier of goods or services, to other businesses or directly to consumers
  • are a purchaser of goods or services, such as a customer, borrower of money or licensee
  • have a formal arrangement with another person or business, such as a partnership, joint venture or consortium
  • pay people to work for you, including permanent employees, freelancers and agency workers

We understand the necessary elements for an effective and protective contract.  

It’s important to get legal advice on contracts and keep your terms and agreements up to date, as it means everyone can work from the same ‘rule book’ with no hidden surprises and you will be protected if things go wrong. Our contract lawyers can update commercial and consumer contracts, keep your own contracts up to date with regulatory changes to ensure enforceability, and provide support for operational agreements including licensing, outsourcing, and agency distribution.

We’re here to help

We work closely with all our clients to build a deep understanding of the business and its sector, suppliers, customers and future plans. We aim to be a helpful partner for businesses at every stage of life.

We can provide advice in a number of ways to best suit you and your business, including:

  • one-off questions or queries
  • tailored assistance with specific contracts
  • access to regular advice and support across all of our commercial departments at a reduced hourly rate with our SME Support Days

If you’re not sure where your business stands, ask us about our SME Health Check. We can advise on the most important contracts for small businesses to have in place, and review your existing terms and agreements.

An experienced contract solicitor will handle your account, and a member of the business team will always be available to speak to on a day to day basis. We will meet with you at your convenience to discuss your needs and, if required, review any existing documentation before creating bespoke, compliant and enforceable agreements tailored to your business. 

Contact us for a quote or to book an appointment.

We underwent a general review of terms and conditions having expanded our service offering. This new service is one that’s more technical and complex and, therefore, required a greater level of legal research and interpretation. Cartridges Law managed this without hassle.

Overall the task was handled very thoroughly and efficiently.

SME Support Days

The Team
Victoria Matthews
Victoria Matthews

Chartered Legal Executive and Head of Business

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Lisa Noyce

Legal Assistant

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