Author: Leanne Yendell

Flex and the City: Why Exeter’s Businesses Should Encourage Flexible Working

2nd July 2019

A long overdue focus has been given to flexible working thanks to Mother Pukka’s #flexappeal campaign. While employees have a…

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Exeter solicitors warn influencers – ‘with great selling power comes great responsibility’

28th May 2019

From Rachel’s haircut to Beckham’s briefs – celebrities have influenced many of us. We’d expect them to as this is…

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Intellectual Property: Pitfalls and processes you need to know

23rd May 2019

It’s a popular subject for visitors to our Business Hub sessions – “I have a great idea and I want…

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Data Protection Fee and Fines: Why you should pay up (on time!)

4th April 2019

In November 2018, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) issued its first fines to organisations that failed to pay the data…

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Legal highlights for estate and letting agents

25th March 2019

Estate and letting agents have had a few years of grappling with new laws and regulations. What is apparent going…

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Brexit and your business contracts

5th December 2018

Well, in my opinion, this is the wrong question. A better question is “what can I do to protect my…

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