Bridget Garrood

Consultant Solicitor


Bridget specialises in the financial, property and pension aspects of family breakdown, including divorce, dissolution of civil partnership for LGBT+ clients and the tricky legal minefield surrounding cohabitation. She has gained a vast experience of a range of pension sharing claims involving the full spectrum of pensions from State pensions to SIPPS.

She also has specialist legal expertise acquired over decades of experience assisting trans clients with the many daunting legal aspects they face before, during or after embarking on any journey of gender recognition. In the context of family law this includes advice on controversial features of the law such as the so-called spousal veto which prevents people from obtaining legal gender recognition without their spouse’s or civil partner’s consent.

Bridget is a former chair of Devon Resolution and sits on the Law Society’s LGBT+ Division committee.


  • Divorce and dissolution of civil partnership
  • Financial and property claims on divorce and dissolution
  • Pensions on divorce and pension inequality for same sex couples
  • Cohabitation
  • Gender Identity and Gender Recognition
  • Transgender discrimination
  • Collaborative Family Law