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Cartridges Law join Lawyers For Your Business scheme

Finding the right lawyer for your business If you’re setting up, buying or running a business you will probably need some specialist legal expertise at some point. Cartridges Law are members of Lawyers For Your Business – a resource from the Law Society that helps...

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What is inheritance tax?

What is inheritance tax? Inheritance tax is a tax that sometimes has to be paid on a person's estate after they have died. Because talking about death is uncomfortable for many of us we don’t tend to dwell on it, but have you thought about what happens to your assets...

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Could your CCTV cost you millions?

As an employer, you may have a number of reasons for monitoring your staff. You may track email and internet use, perform spot checks or use CCTV and video surveillance. These may be legal or regulatory requirements in some sectors, and others may use such measures...

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The pitfalls of DIY probate

Do I need to use a lawyer for probate? When somebody close to you dies, dealing with their affairs can be a challenging task. And if you have been left in charge of sorting out somebody’s property, money and possessions after they’ve passed away, then the chances are...

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Dealing with probate

Probate is the legal process that you have to go through before you can deal with a person’s assets after they die. It is possible to deal with probate yourself, and when a will is simple and the person dealing with it is confident with the probate process and various...

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Service update following new COVID-19 restrictions

Last Updated: 8 January 2021 Further to the latest government advice, our office remains closed to the public save for very limited essential attendances for clients which will be by appointment only. Our lawyers are continuing to work mainly from home using Microsoft...

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Christmas child arrangements: a guide for separated parents

Having dealt with many family matters over the years, especially those involving children, we know that the festive season can be an emotional time. If conflict over Christmas child arrangements arises, this magical time for parent’s and their children can turn sour....

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Your business after the Brexit transition period ends

What does the end of the Brexit transition period mean for businesses? The UK is the first and, to date, only country to formally leave the EU, after 47 years of membership. Withdrawal took place on 31 January 2020 and the Brexit transition period expires on 31...

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