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We tried other solicitors before and none of them were as good as Cartridges.

Very good communication at all times which was important to us at a difficult time.

I would be more than happy to recommend Cartridges because of the quality of service, helpfulness and locality.

Very helpful, local firm. Knowledgeable and personable.

Latest News

Key Worker Discount now available at Cartridges Law

Our key workers have kept us going through this challenging time. You have helped us, now we want to be there for you when it matters! As a demonstration of our long-term support to these important members of our community, we are offering a 15% discount on all of our...

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Your questions on wills and probate answered

Can you write your own will? Why do I need a will anyway? And how do you apply for probate? Our specialist Wills and Probate lawyers answer all your questions. If you need help or advice about writing a will or dealing with probate, contact us for a free initial...

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Commercial Properties and Covid-19

With pressure to close from government, leasehold premise tenants are increasingly anxious about the fall-out from Covid-19. The retail and leisure sectors are historically subject to commercial leases and with no rental equivalent of the ‘mortgage holiday’, they are...

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A Litigator’s Lockdown Diary

6 weeks into the Covid-19 lockdown, and this is my first blog.  I have started several others, but one of the features of this strange time is that as soon as you have found a subject that might be interesting to write about, we are into another phase.  My...

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Living together after separation

Living together during a separation can be challenging, especially now that government lockdown is causing us to be at home more.  Some chose to remain living in separate households at the same address in order to maintain a family environment for children,...

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Coronavirus Support in Exeter, Devon and the SW

We are contacting local councils so you don't have to. We have asked local councils about the additional resources in place to provide coronavirus support across Exeter, Devon and the wider region, in areas such as housing, homelessness, support with groceries and...

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Creative solutions to Covid-19 problems for businesses

Problem one: Delays to dispute resolution The civil justice system in the UK will inevitably slow as a result of the government measures. In one of my cases, despite ACAS Early Conciliation seemingly operating as well as could be expected, it was in fact the parties...

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