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Exeter Pride 2018 - Our Campaign - Cartridges Law

Exeter Pride 2018 - Our Campaign

Cartridges Law is proud to support Exeter Pride. Since our founding in 1973, we have been committed to promoting equality in our community.

Over 50 years of legal reform for LGBTQ+ people

  • 1967 – Sexual Offences Act: Decriminalised homosexual acts, in private, between two men over 21 years of age

  • 1970 – Corbett v Corbett: Marriage annulled on the grounds that the wife had been born a man
  • 1971 – Nullity of Marriage Act 1971: Explicitly banned same sex marriage
  • 1973 – Cartridges Law established: We start to promote equality in our community
  • 1988 – Section 28, Local Government Act 1988: Prohibited promotion of homosexuality as a ‘pretended family relationship’
  • 1996 – P v Cornwall County Council: Transgender employee ‘wrongfully dismissed’
  • 1998 – Creation of the Human Rights Act
  • 1999 – European Court of Human Rights rules that dismissal from the Navy is breach of the European Convention of Human Rights: Article 8 states the right to a private life
  • 2000 – Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act: Equalisation of age of consent
  • 2002 – Adoption & Children Act: Adoption extended to same sex couples
  • 2003 – Section 28 repealed
  • 2004 – Gender Recognition Act and Civil Partnership Act
  • 2008 – Human Fertilisation and Embryology: Recognition of legal parents
  • 2010 – Equality Act: Protection against transgender discrimination
  • 2013 – Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013
  • 2017 – Policing and Crime Act: 50,000+ posthumous pardons granted

Many Voices Make Change

Over the years, a great many voices have helped to achieve the changes we celebrate today. But there is still much to do. Will you add your voice to campaign for equality?

Click here to add your voice to the campaign>>

  • We have bought and sold houses several times and Cartridges provided a very good service and your staff, particularly Cyndy our Conveyancer was very helpful and we were very confident in her handling of our case.

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