Prestigious national appointment for Exeter lawyer

11 October 2017

Penny Scott, partner at Cartridges Law, has been appointed as Chair of The Law Society’s Family Law Committee.

Penny, who has served on the committee for five years, took up the position this month. The committee is made up of specialist family law solicitors from throughout England and Wales who advise The Law Society on family law policy and development.

She said: ‘It really is a great honour to chair this committee. As well as generally reviewing and ensuring high standards of practice in family law we undertake specific projects - such as examining how how family law should look post Brexit, or the development of on-line courts. The role also involves helping to represent the views of family lawyers nationally to policymakers and government.’

Penny, who is a specialist lawyer representing children, professional guardians, parents and grandparents in all types of children law cases, including care proceedings and adoption, will hold the position for three years.

She added: ‘I am very excited about being that bit closer to the decision-making process and being able positively to influence the role of family lawyers in our legal system. At the end of the three years my aim is to ensure people have a sharper idea of what family lawyers can actually do for them, and within society.

‘The committee is currently very London-focused and I think it will benefit from becoming more aware of the activity of its members in the regions.’

Penny qualified as a solicitor in 1995 and she has been Managing Partner of Cartridges Law for the last six years.

The Law Society is the national body which represents, promotes and supports all solicitors, promoting the highest professional standards and the rule of law. Within The Law Society the role of the Family Law Committee is:

• to keep under review, and to promote improvements in, family law, practice and procedure, including child care law and procedure
• to review and advise on the role, design and operation of any relevant accreditation schemes

Everyone here at Cartridges Law are incredibly proud of Penny for this amazing achievement. We are honored to have someone who is so committed as part of our Family Department and as a Managing Partner to our firm. 

See the article here: https://www.theexeterdaily.co.uk/news/business-daily/prestigious-national-appointment-exeter-lawyer

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