Medics outraged as MedCo fees double

12 January 2018

Costly court battles and a tumultuous personal injury market have prompted the whiplash accreditation scheme to raise the fees it charges experts by 100%. Medical experts in the market now effectively face the option of paying up or shutting down their businesses.

MedCo this week confirmed it will charge £150,000 to top tier medical reporting organisations for 2018/19. The fee is up from £75,000 in the current year and applies both to new providers and those renewing their licence.

The scheme is mandatory for all soft tissue claims, with the top tier MROs appearing most frequently in searches by lawyers looking for someone to diagnose their client’s injury. Regional providers, who appear less often in searches, must pay £20,000 either to acquire or renew their right to take part in the scheme. Previously new entrants had paid £15,000 while renewals cost £11,500.

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