Pensions on Divorce

Pensions represent security and are often the main asset in any family, along with the family home.

The law now allows for a pension to be shared between husband and wife irrespective of whose name it is in.  The law is very complex and always developing in this area.

At Cartridges we believe this is one area above all others where a lack of expert advice can be very costly in the long term.  Bridget Garrood was one of the first solicitors to be accredited as a specialist in pensions on divorce by the leading Family Law Association Resolution.  She can also advise on all issues for cohabiting couples including pension issues, although pension sharing is not currently available for separating couples upon breakdown of cohabitation.

Bridget Garrood has also contributed a chapter about pensions to a Law Society Handbook on Civil Partnership Law : Civil Partnership Law & Practice by Andrea Woelke published by the Law Society chapter 9 Pensions by Bridget Garrood.  Bridget also has experience in advising couples in same sex relationships on the issue of pensions whether or not they are entering a Civil Partnership.

There are also important pension issues facing people changing their legal gender under the Gender Recognition Act 2004.  See also link to Gender Recognition.

  • James Durston advised a family facing eviction. James met with mum, making mum feel at ease and relaxed in a very emotional setting… mum believed she would be homeless and out on the streets by the end of the month. James went through the process in language mum and I could both understand, explaining any concerns (nothing was rushed). Most importantly James explained legally what could and couldn’t happen

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