Money Claims and Division of the Family Home

The present assets may be enough for one family but will there be enough to share round if the family split?  Who can stay put and who has to move out?

If there are enough assets to share round, are they always divided equally or is one party entitled to more than half?

Our experts at Cartridges have helped clients find the answers to these questions in hundreds of cases.  No two cases are ever the same but we do out best to settle the vast majority of cases without going into Court.

Contact our Financial Team headed by Bridget Garrood, Partner, with specialist Legal Executive Anita Laws.

Where appropriate we will work on your case as a team to ensure that it is dealt with as cost effectively as possible.  We will always be clear about the way your case shall be funded whether privately or by Legal Aid.

  • James Durston advised a family facing eviction. James met with mum, making mum feel at ease and relaxed in a very emotional setting… mum believed she would be homeless and out on the streets by the end of the month. James went through the process in language mum and I could both understand, explaining any concerns (nothing was rushed). Most importantly James explained legally what could and couldn’t happen

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