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Bridget specialises in the financial, property and pension aspects of family breakdown, including divorce, dissolution of civil partnership and the tricky legal minefield surrounding cohabitation. She was one of the first solicitors to be recognised by the Solicitors Family Law Association in 2001 for her specialist knowledge in what was then the brand new concept of pension sharing on divorce. Over the past 15 years she has gained a vast experience of a range of pension claims including police pensions, army pensions, NHS pensions and many others.

She also has considerable experience in advising clients who are undergoing gender re-assignment, whether or not they are separating from their spouse. Bridget has amassed a wealth of expertise in advising LGBT clients, including people separating from a civil partner. She has written and lectured widely as an expert in Civil Partnership Law and has developed a unique specialism in pensions for civil partners, who still  do not enjoy full equality under the law.

Bridget has also trained many mediators and other lawyers over the years in various financial aspects of separation and divorce/dissolution, most recently having lectured for the Devon and Somerset Law Society on the radical changes to Child Support.

Bridget has co-authored  articles (with expert barrister Elissa Da Costa Waldman) published in Family Law Journal and in which the authors share the benefit of their expertise in cohabitation claims. Click this link to read their most recent article.


Click here and here for articles which Bridget has also written,  more light heartedly, on historical aspects of Family Law over the centuries, for the St Leonards Neighbourhood Newsletter,  under a series about Self Help divorce called “From Wife-Selling to Wikivorce”.

Attracted in 2005 by a fresh approach to resolving family law disputes, known  across the Atlantic as a ‘No Court Divorce’, in 2005 Bridget trained with Resolution as a Collaborative Family Lawyer. She was also proud to chair the Devon Solicitors Family Law Association (now Resolution Devon) for many years.

In her spare time Bridget may be spotted volunteering at the Exeter Dissenters Graveyard or making her way stolidly around the 638 miles of the stunning South West Coast Path or swimming  blissfully in the sea. When she thinks no one is listening, she can also be heard practicing heartily the alto harmonies for her performances with the 300-strong community choir The Big Noise Chorus.



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